Nursery School & Schools Photography

What makes us so different ?


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We have specialised in School & Nursery Photography for over 26 years now and we cover the whole of the North West.

What makes us different ? Well we offer a fantastic choice of themed settings for Nursery Photography alongside creative backdrops that are fantastic for Primary School or High School Photos – which means that each photosession is creatively different. It is much better than having the same style of background for each photosession. Not only that but we also like to give parents an excellent choice of images too where possible.

The background choices we have available are styled for Spring and Summertime, Autumn and Christmas so whatever time of year you go for the photos we have a great selection for you to choose from.

Parents are able to order prints either individually or in packages and Digital Images can also be purchased.

Also for your Pre-School Nursery Class we have our own Caps and Gowns for Graduation Photos, as well as offering Class Group Photos as a special way of remembering their friends at Nursery.

Class Group Photography is very popular in late Springtime or the Summer Term at Schools, especially with the year of students who are in their final year.

Alongside our Photography for Schools and Nurseries we offer a Concert and Show Filming service. We use a multicamera setup, capturing a fantastic overview of the production. DVDs are always in demand from families which we supply as a fully finished product in Presentation Case and Printed DVD disc with full titles of the show.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about Creative Photography and our Filming Service of Shows and Concerts.